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Who we are

Visit the award winning Knights Pet Barn where you will find the most comprehensive range of pet related products in the area.

We are always here for advice and help in choosing the right food and accessories for your pet and there is usually someone on hand who can advise on specialist diets for skin/digestion/weight problems. We have veterinary scales to enable you to keep your own check of your dogs weight and can arrange regular personalised orders for food together with local delivery* if required.

*Delivery from £5 locally


Here at Knights Pet Barn we have an unrivalled selection of food and snacks, all designed to keep your dog looking and feeling healthy by ensuring a balanced diet. This is complimented by a huge range of accessories to help your dog look stylish too, including coats collar and leads.

The arrival of a new puppy is an exciting time and the right toys are necessary for your puppy to develop. Toys keep their mind stimulated, encourage interaction and are a fun way to develop obedience. We have a large selection of products to keep your puppy and older dog amused indoors and outdoors.

Remember the right care is essential with regular eye, ear and dental checks as well as regular treatment for fleas and worms.

Knights Pet Barn caters to your every need, from dog beds to kennels to health products and toiletries. We are on hand to help and provide all you need to ensure your dog has the best life possible.


Calling all cat lovers!

Knights Pet Barn is committed to ensuring your cat enjoys its life to the full. We provide a range of products, specialist advice and a personal ordering facility to help you keep your cat healthy and happy. We can give you guidance on food and behaviour related problems and we stock everything from cat beds to health supplements.

We have a full range of stylish cat collars with either an emergency release clip or elasticated insert for safety.

All cats benefit from a regular grooming regime and this provides an ideal time to check for any health problems or perhaps missed injuries. Short haired cats will mostly take care of their own grooming but it is important to brush them to help lessen hairballs forming. Long coated cats need a daily grooming session to help stop ‘matts’ accumulating as they can cause the skin to become sore and often will require veterinary attention for removal.

Pickle our resident ginger ‘cheeky chappy’ is usually around to greet everyone, our local vet tells us he is the most famous cat in Oxted and is often found riding around on somebody’s shoulder, often a customers!


We no longer stock horse feed but we do have a section for incidentals with everything from first aid products, supplements, fly sprays to hay nets and poop scoops, all at competitive prices

Small Animals

Knights Pet Barn stocks all the products you need to make sure your small pet eats well to stay healthy and is happy and entertained. Small animals are fun to look after and nowadays there are a lot more people choosing to have a small pet to fit in with their lifestyle with lots of great products available to keep them stimulated mentally and fit. We stock a good variety of foods, supplements, treats and toys as well and we can supply you with indoor or outdoor housing and runs.

Feathered Friends


Whether you have a parrot, cockatiel, canary or budgie your feathered friends will be in good hands with us with a section to cater for their needs with food, supplements, toys and treats. Birds need lots of mental stimulation and we are always on the look out for new toys to stock so you need look no further to keep your bird in tip top condition and entertained.

Wild Birds and Wildlife in the Garden

Our wild bird and wildlife foods have been expertly selected and blended to give the exact energy rich nutrients they need to thrive. With a vast selection of foods, treats, feeders, bird boxes, hedgehog and badger food and much more our wildlife section has everything you need to provide for and enjoy nature on your doorstep.

Why not take a look at our great prices for wild bird food on the Knights Garden Centres website, we are very competitive.


Over the last few years, chickens have been making a bit of a come back to our back gardens and there are more and more people looking to keep a few hens for eggs at home. We have everything you need; good quality feed, mite treatments, food supplements, chicken houses, runs and other accessories to keep your chickens happy and healthy with helpful advice always available.

Remember we are here to offer advice on animal care so you can ensure you provide the correct living conditions for your pet so do come and visit us.

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